Sample Requet

Sample Request Procedure:
1. This service is limited to educational institutes, such as schools, after school programs
     , private learning centers, etc.
2. Please click on the link below and fill out our form to receive desired samples.
3. We will contact you upon receiving your request form. Yangston Books holds the right
    to deny any requests.
4. Return of samples is expected after 20 days of receiving them. Yangston Books will not be
    responsible for the return shipping fee.
5. Failure to return samples will be assumed as purchasing them, and will receive an invoice
    from Yangston Books.
3.我們收到您的申請後,會立即評估並且向您聯絡確認。(Yangston Books保有提供樣書的決定權)
4.樣書寄去運費由Yangston Books承擔,不過寄回運費需由貴單位承擔。

Thank you for considering our products and service here at Yangston Books. We will contact you upon receiving your form. To help processing your request, please fill out our form as detailed as possible. Thank you once again.
感謝您申請參考本公司的產品,請進入下方的表單填寫,並詳細填入您的資料及需求,我們收到留言後,將會在您方便的時間,立即與您聯絡,再次感謝您。 (* 號必填 )