About Us
Yangston Books was established in April, 2015 in Los Angeles, CA. We promote and sell Chinese books and related products. As of now, we distribute educational materials from Kang Hsuan Educational Publishing Group in Taiwan and other renowned education publishing companies in China. Our goal is to provide the highest quality and most well-rounded Chinese learning materials to learners in Northern America.

Yangston Books於2015年4月在美國加州正式申請註冊完成,我們主要在北美地區推廣銷售中文教育類書籍及教育用品,現階段我們所代理的中文教育類產品,包括台灣的康軒文教集團,以及中國的南京康軒文教圖書有限公司、江蘇教育出版社、甘肅少年兒童出版社的教育類產品。我們的目標,就是為北美地區的學子們,準備最優質以及最適合你們的中文學習教材。